Hitch2049 sponsors world-class STEAM competitions to bring the experience in technology innovation and real-world practices to the next level. Our learners will be able to compete with their peers on the world stage and examine the mastery of their knowledge and skills. Hitch2049 further rewards top performers in the competitions by promoting their technical papers, engineering innovations, and personal stories.

Robot Open Autonomous Racing (ROAR)

Robot Open Autonomous Racing (ROAR) is a global invitational AI Racing tournament founded by UC Berkeley. ROAR is one of the first AI racing to provide a low-cost competition, education, and research platform. By participating in ROAR, contestants worldwide will be recognized by their official scores on Berkeley’s ROAR website: Teams with winning solutions will also be invited to publish their code and technical papers on UC Berkeley’s official website.

Spring 2022 Race​

Berkeley ROAR S1/S2 Racing Series

ROAR provides a Python-based racing simulation environment that allows contenders to race their autonomous AI agents. Contenders can fully train and test their AI algorithms without any vehicle hardware in this series. For application, please go to

Hitch2049 Student’s Success Stories

2022 ROAR S1/S2-series First Place Winner: Highschool Team Saves Time with Off-road Routes & Tuning

First Place Award: Daniel Chuang, Lacy Wang, Chris Wang

Technical Report:

2021 ROAR S2-series First Place Winner: High School Rookies team

First Place Award: Peter Peng, Rooney Xu, Charlie Sun, Amanda Chiang, William Situ

Technical Report:

2020 ROAR S1-series Second Place Winner and Fastest Single Lap Award Winner: Yali High School team

Second Place and Fastest Single-Lap Awards: Deng Shuwen, Wu Zheyuan, Zang Linfeng, Team Yali Highschool

Technical Report: