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Hitch2049 Business Solutions offer premium and turn-key technology learning solutions in select fast-growing markets, including AI, Data Science, AR/VR, and Metaverse. Our architectural design, engineering, and teaching teams work closely with clients to custom-build lab spaces with rich learning opportunities and exciting gamification experiences. We also connect clients with leading global higher-education institutions to deliver education certification and official competition events to elevate disruptive technology learning standards and program recognition worldwide.

Hitch2049 Labs

Hitch2049 Labs for Beijing Chunhuiyuan Resort​
Hitch2049 Labs for Beijing Chunhuiyuan Resort​
Hitch2049 Labs for Chongqing Zhongxu School​
Hitch2049 Labs for Chongqing Zhongxu School​

Hitch2049 Labs offer turn-key solutions for clients looking to add an innovative educational lab to their students. The first step of the journey to work with our clients is to understand the business needs of the client’s educational model and the interior and exterior physical space for the construction. Our clients can choose from the software, hardware, as well as various time-tested Hitch2049 curricula to quickly fill the lab space with world-class, interactive classes that are ready to go on day one. The Hitch2049 Architecture & Design Team can also work with clients to create location-specific customization and multi-functional areas, including classrooms, hands-on laboratories, and competition arenas.

Hitch2049 Labs for Beijing Chunhuiyuan Resort

Hitch2049 Labs for Chongqing Zhongxu School

Professional Training

Hitch2049 can work with enterprises and professional schools to deliver highly customizable training courses for either short-term 1-5 day programs or long-term multi-semester curricula. Prospective clients may first refer to our listed curriculum in the Learn section, including the disciplines of Computer Programming, Scientific Computing, Robotics, Computer Vision, Autonomous Driving, AR/VR, and Metaverse.


For clients interested in high-quality executive training programs, our world-class engineering and business school ecosystem offer certified curricula taught by accredited schools and Hitch2049 faculty, either online, on-site, or on-campus.


Instructor(s): Dr. Allen Yang

Total Lecture : 60 lectures


Metaverse Master Class​

Instructor(s): Dr. Allen Yang, Eddy Hu, Mikki Xu

Total Lecture : 40 lectures

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